• B-Liner Red Snapper


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    B-Liner Snappers

    (Rhomboloplites Aurorubens)

    Available Sizes: 3/4-1lbs,1-2lbs (Whole & Gutted)
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    About The B-Liner Snappers

    Another type of fish in the Snapper family is the B – Liner, best known as, the Vermillion Snapper because of its vermillion red above its body. Other names used for the B – Liner or the Vermillion Snapper are Bee-Liner, Bastard Snapper, and Mingo. These snappers are found in the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama, and Florida. Just like the Caribbean Red Snappers, the B – Liners are available year round. Additionally, the B – Liners are – almost – identical to the traditional red snapper group (same body color). Only main differences are the body shape and life span.

    B – Liner fish are a little bit longer than the Red Snappers, but the Red Snappers live a longer life span and weigh more. An adult Red Snapper fish can live for up to fifty-seven years where as an adult B – Liner fish can live for twenty one years. As for the weight, a B – Liner average size is one – to – two pounds, and occasionally over five pounds.

    The B – Liner is a favorite dish in seafood restaurants. With its mild sweet flavor taste, it certainly can bring delight to seafood lovers’ taste buds. Nonetheless, you can grill B – Liners or cook them using your favored cooking methods.