• Caribbean Red Snapper (Wild Caught)


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    Caribbean Red Snapper (Lutjanus Pureus)

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    About The Caribbean Red Snapper

    Our most famous fish is the Caribbean Red Snapper – the closest fish to the traditional Red Snapper species. Though the Caribbean Red Snapper (or American Red Snapper) are found all over the world, it’s known to be found in the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and the Atlantic Ocean.

    Interesting enough, the Red Snappers begin to migrate after reaching early maturity, and can live for over fifty years. At early maturity, these fish can grow rapidly – four inches per year – but their growth-speed slows down when they reach adult stage.

    Since the Red Snapper is the most commonly caught snapper and popular white fish, some are becoming rare due to high demand and overfishing. Programs and regulations have been established to allow time for Red Snappers to reproduce, preventing them from becoming rare fish.

    But overall, these are prized fish and are favorites in restaurants that offer seafood dishes. Even so, not all snappers are Red Snappers. Some mistakenly recognized other snappers as Red Snappers. Nevertheless, Red Snappers are a type of tasty fish – one seafood lovers will enjoy.