• Golden Corvina (Headless+Gutted)


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    Golden Corvina (Cilus Gilberti)

    Available Sizes: 8-10lbs & 10-12lbs $3.99 (Headless & Gutted)
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    About The Golden Corvina

    If you love saltwater fish, then you’ll enjoy the Golden Corvina (or Corvina), a saltwater fish – from the Sciaenidae family – mostly found in tropical coastal waters and the South American Pacific coastline. Other names used for the Golden Corvina are Corvina Drum, Short fin Corvina, and Weakfish. Unlike the Red Snappers, – which are short with red scales and needlelike teeth – the Golden Corvina fish have silvery color over its body with shades of gold on their fins. Typically, the Golden Corvina is larger in size and longer than a Red Snapper.

    In Peru, the Corvina fish is used to prepare Ceviche, and it’s a favorite in the Peruvian culture. However, there is a main precaution to keep in mind before eating a Corvina: do not eat raw Corvina fish. James Peterson, author of Fish & Shellfish (Canada, UK) suggested the reason why you should not eat raw Corvina fish is because they often contain parasites. Furthermore, Peterson concludes that you should freeze the Corvina for at least twenty four hours. Afterwards, thaw it in the refrigerator for a few hours, and then begin preparing your Corvina dish.

    When preparing to cook the Corvina fish, don’t forget to add lemon and spices. After preparing, you can grill the Corvina, deep fry it, or use it to make Ceviche.

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