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    Importing Fresh Seafood for
    Wholesalers and Retailers

    At A Mar Seafood, we are both a fish importers & wholesalers distributing the best quality seafood in the fish market nationwide. Whether you are in need for wholesale fish or would prefer to buy fish at a retail price, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee the best quality on all our fish at the lowest price. To make it even better for our clients, we aim at delivering our products on a time frame no more than 48 hours from the time the fishes are discharged from our vessels to the delivery confirmation.

    This process includes: removing fishes from the custom cool room aboard the vessel. Then, we send them over to a fully-cooled processing facility. From there, we gut out the fishes, clean them, and size them. Once we’re done with that, we place them in swimming position stacked neatly in custom Styrofoam boxes with ice to insure the fishes quality maintaining it fresh. With one of the quickest and effective technologies in the seafood industry, we can assure a fast turnaround for our clients.

    Our product line ranges from Caribbean Red Snappers (Pargo Rojo), B-Liners, and Golden Corvina . All of our fish comes from the Atlantic Ocean and are imported from Guyana.

    So whether you’re in need of a Fresh Caribbean Red Snapper, or Fresh Golden Corvina, always remember that A Mar Seafood is here to give you the highest quality of seafood – at the lowest prices guaranteed.